Spiritual Healing & Energy Work sessions available at Riad Dar Haven

Saraswati Healing™ I was led to renowned spiritual author and teacher, Alana Fairchild and soon began training in her year long program ”Soul Guidance & Sacred Mentoring” which is now renamed Saraswati Healing™ In honour of the Goddess Saraswati presiding over the throat chakra through voice, language, music, creative arts, higher learning, knowledge, purity and wisdom.

Session duration: 1.5 – 2 hours

Kuan Yin Transmission™ modality is a form of Divine Feminine Energy Healing involving meditative enlightened touch. To heal, purify and release blockages within your energy field. Restoring a sense of soothing harmony. 

I soften into receptivity as a channel for these divine frequencies.  Guiding you through relaxation and lightly touching specific points on the body or working through the auric field a few inches above the physical body. As the client, you are either comfortably seated or laying down, fully clothed and possibly covered with a light blanket.

Through energetic processes, mantra and movement these lower energies and blockages are cleared and higher healing energies are invited in to nourish and rejuvenate your energy body, raising your frequency.

Session duration: 1 hour


Renée Kdir - Licensed Practitioner at Riad Dar Haven

I invite you into sacred space to explore a healing session with me during your stay. Please contact me directly on [email protected]

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