Retreats at Riad Dar Haven

You are invited to retreat into the charm and traditions of Morocco,  where the Atlantic ocean meets the Atlas mountains.  Supported by a wonderful climate, contrasting culture and delicious cuisine.  Choose from a selection of upcoming retreat experiences on offer. Or gift yourself a private 1:1 Solo Retreat experience which can begin at almost anytime. Enjoy this intimate, exotic venue to rest and restore balance in your being.  Plus enjoy an array of wellness, leisure and sport activities or excursions for truly memorable experiences.

Be soothed and rejuvenated in our Hammam & Spa.  Restore vitality with the sun and salt water on your skin.  Feel the sand between your toes and breathe in the scent of medicinal plants on walks nearby.  Feel a sense of adventure stir at the sight of date palm oases on hiking trails through the hinterland’s mountains and valleys.  

If you would like to host your own retreat here at Riad Dar Haven in 2024 or 2025 please get in touch.


Spa Bliss & Spiritual Healing Retreat

with Renée Kdir

Available on request:  Oct, Nov, Dec 2024

6 Days / 5 nights or 4 Days / 3 nights

PRIVATE 1:1 OR Small Groups

Join Renée for this deeply insightful and replenishing retreat  – softly structured and unhurried program.

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